Sunday, January 4, 2009

Day #4 Baby Steps

1 load of laundry
2 hours of church & traveling to & from
2.5 hours spent with family
1 hour addressing & mailing b-day invites
1 hour packing
45 min cleaning off fridge (see before & after)
20 min reading Mrs. Piggle Wiggle & snuggling
20 min picking paint colors for new house


  1. Does that clock work? It is the same time in both pics or is it 12 hours later? TV is such a downer anyway. You hang tough. Football season ends soon. Maybe he could get some cordless headphones.

  2. You're a brave woman to decide to go without TV. Braver than I. I know I watch too much but can't help myself.
    Don't worry men are aliens - likeable enough most of the time but not wired like women. Like you I do stuff during the commercials but my partner just sits there the whole time. Sometimes I feel I need a crane to get him out of his big boy chair.