Saturday, January 3, 2009

Day #3/ Busy Bee

Got a lot of little projects done today that I have been procrastinating on for a long time. Son went to a b-day party and I was like a little tornado.  Went through an old photo album that has been falling apart for years.  Took all the pics out and put them in a new album in chronological order no less.  I don't know how all those type A personalities keep on top of everything so well but, I seem to struggle with this stuff.  I mean I have been meaning to do that little project for about 3 years.  Also took a pic of hubby's deceased paternal Grandfather to the frame shop for a new frame.  It's all the little projects that I walk past everyday and think "I should do that," that really drive me crazy.  After a couple of years, it turns into "my God woman you have been meaning to do that for 3 years now, what is your problem!" It gets depressing to see all your little failures repeatedly for years on end.    
Side note:  hubby has been watching football most of the day.  It is driving me insane.   At least when I was watching TV I would do stuff @ the commercial breaks.  He seems to think that in order to watch a game he must sit on the couch for 3 hours straight.  I'm running around packing(moving @ end of January) and getting stuff in order and he's sitting on the couch for 6 hours out of the day.  Maybe it's just his biological male inability to multitask or maybe I'm a nag.  I love my husband, I love my husband, I love my husband.  He tells me I'm pretty several times everyday and cleans the snow off my car and I have to be careful what I say b/c if I mention I like something even in passing he'll buy it for me.  He's a good guy but, there are some days when I think he is an alien.   

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