Saturday, January 3, 2009

Day #2 Success

Yesterday was very busy.  There was totally no time for television but, I know I probably would have made time before my little experiment started.  I went to job #2, cleaning houses for 3 hours,  arranged and hosted a play date for my son, played a full game of Zooreka w/son & hubby and snuggled with my husband for a long time (rare occurrance some weeks sadly).  I feel like I didn't get very many items done today but the things I did were useful and I didn't do anything that was a major time waster.  
Had an argument with hubby though during bathtime b/c of the TV being on.  He watched the college football games all day on the first and he'll watch all the games on Sunday and then I was watching football last night.  The thought of 2 full days of football being on all day is making my nauseous.  Just the sound of hours of television annoys me probably b/c it's my nasty little habit that I hate in myself so I also hate it in him.  Also, we grew up in different kinds of TV families.  In his family the television is on all day, well at his mother's house.  That doesn't necessarily mean anyone is watching it all day but it is on in the background.  In my family the television was on for small periods of time.  We watched cartoons on Saturday mornings, sometimes on weekday mornings, and we watched a movie at home maybe once a month.  Other that that the TV was mostly off in the house I grew up in.  One of our funny family stories is that one time we(my 3 siblings & I) were watching TV when we weren't supposed to and our Mom cut the cord with a scissors while it was still plugged into the wall.  Thank God she wasn't electrocuted.  
Anyway I'm realizing we need to set some clear TV boundaries for the family as well. Son doesn't watch much maybe 1 hr/wk but, hubby watches all the sports stuff and some weeks it's 10 hours on the couch watching all the games.  We need to set some parameters.  I'll have more to say about that in the future I'm sure.  

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