Sunday, February 22, 2009

It's been a long time.

OMG, I haven't posted in a long time. Lets see. Where to begin? In the last month and a half I: moved out of crappy rental(yayy!),moved into cute new house that needs some work, I had a staph infection in my face(that was misdiagnosed for 5 days while my lips sweeled up to Angelina with lots of lip injections proportions),DS puked for 12 hours straight, DH was ill for two days, replaced kitchen faucet(despite 5 hours spent getting rusted old faucet out), ripped most of ugly wallpaper off bathroom walls, knocked off someone's side view mirror and my own (bringing my total number of side view mirrors down to zero), had my 10 year class reunion, Ds had b-day party, had a super bowl party/moving party, went skiing for 1st time in 8 years, bought a new couch(1st new piece of furniture ever), Went to work 20-30 hrs/week, celebrated anniversary w/DH, got the taxes done(OMG 1st time homebuyer refund is awsome), got paint for three rooms in house, got an estimate for the sump pump and drain tile, and had the cat declawed(with a laser-much more humane). Whoa that seems insane when you write down all of your major happenings for over a month in one "sentence." Today I am struggling with ripping off the rest of the wallpaper in the bathroom. I was hoping to have it painted yesterday but, the rusted-in-place old faucet and the wallpaper coming off only in very small peices kept that from happing. Oh well home improvements are always like that I guess. Thank God I enjoy doing things around the house or I might be a crazy person after that sink debacle yesterday. There were a couple times where I really wanted to just watch a morning show but I thought "I've made it this far I'm not caving now." I have plenty to do just getting boxes unpacked. Off to attack that wallpaper. K-bye.

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